a toolkit for reclaiming community togetherness
kristyn lopez

How to use the printed publication: navigate to the QR code or link at right to download a PDF copy of this zine. Print the PDF on 8.5"x11" paper, landscape setting. Fold each paper in half, with the unprinted, blank sides to the outside. For the cover page, cut in half on the fold so there is a front and a back side. Go to the link below to see what to do next.

Use the QR codes to access fun extras for the exercises on each page. QR content is embedded to the right on the web version.
"When the lists are made, the ceremony choreographed, material and visuals complete, music chosen, and food prepared, there's nothing left to do but celebrate - though, in the process of making the celebration, a bonding has already taken place, and that is a special kind of celebration in itself." (Kent & Steward, 2008, pg. 204)
PDF zine